Tuesday, November 10, 2009

School Graduation Poem

So here we are at the end of the year

As the real world knocks on our door we fear

What will come what will be

Who cares honey cause it’s you and me

It was Casey Grammar that got us here

I think we are all ready, it’s pretty clear

CGS has given us the key

To finely craft our destiny

Whether you started in prep or year seven

The school environment here is heaven

To facilitate a safe place of learning

This exciting school got us all yearning

Our mentors that guide us, provide us

With this elated sense of self and joy

Everyone had a right to feel and be safe

Of the path of right we did not strafe

There was Storr and Polous and Hill

Wise words and cheek into us they would grill

When some of our classes ended in disarray

They would always have smiles the next day

For support there was Adams, Buchingham and Elvish

When we opened our mouths they were in anguish.

We teased, we taunted, we flirted

They were wise enough to keep their attention averted

Bonne, duffy and drinkwater lead the way

In the comic relief of the math and science we learnt during the day.

If ever we were down or feeling low

Their sense of humor was an amazing show

But teachers they only account for a bit

For the mold of Casey Grammar that we all fit

The friends that we have and kept close

Can be the ones that help us the most

The people in the year of 2009

You guys before me friends of mine

Have help me in ways that no other could

Always there to help me laugh, you understood

I am here to say thanks and good luck

For what everyone here who has made me unstuck

From all the downs and lows of life

Though admittedly it most mostly through strife

Thank you to the teachers and my friends

The weaknesses in my life that you guys mend

I want you to know I will always help in return

For each one of you my respect you have earned.

My AJ (Amorous Journey)

My AJ (Amorous Journey)

Enclosed at the station, there we were

A joyous day ahead, she made me purr

Friends of old, they surrounded us

Her pretty face, was just a plus

I wondered who she was this lovely girl

The way she looked at me, made my head whirl

On the train we sat, meeting in gaze

I thought she was a dream, it was all a haze

She was my AJ, my amorous journey

It was something I hadn’t felt before

She was my AJ, the one I adore

Just this one girl, no more

As we arrive at our destination it was clear

AJ was the one I wanted to be with, no fear

When the rain bought us close, together

Under my hood we went, for now, forever

That day was just the start, how was I to know

Of what we had created, this chemistry we show

Then it was our second encounter, at DFO

Hand in hand, here we go.

She was my AJ, my amorous journey

It was something I hadn’t felt before

She was my AJ, the one I adore

Just this one girl, no more

They way she stroked my face

It increased my heart pace

They way we held each other

There was so much more to discover

My amorous journey continued.

My night of birth was to be celebrated

Who would know at the end I would feel so elated

Twas on my bed that we first met

Passionately together our lips set

She held my thoughts that night

This amazing girl just felt so right

And then when the walls fell around us in the car

We left the real world, in the most wondrous place afar

She was my AJ, my amorous journey

It was something I hadn’t felt before

She was my AJ, the one I adore

Just this one girl, no more

And now here we are together

For now, forever

AJ and I got this thing going

Forever and a day, our love will be growing.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Wave and Water


You were the wave that washed Dave from his dirty cave and made him shave. Without your cool watery crash there was no way I could brave the place outside my cave. But you taught me how to behave outside my cave, you made me crave what you were as a wave. Lucky you were around to save the unshaven Dave from his dirty cave. You gave me this place away from my cave where I wasn’t a slave. Now I don’t want to rave about what a huge tidal wave you are my love, but you washed me clean out of that dirty cave and I am thankful for the path that you pave for us. I would like to engrave your name on my heart.


To understand what I’m feeling there must be a sign, one that will remain throughout time. Something everlasting, something you can’t copy or replicate. A unique symbol of love, a feeling that has recently captured me.

Birds fly in and out of season, their freedom is evident but they don’t seem loyal to anyone. Love is loyal, forever, a bird won’t do for me.

Would a fruit do the trick? How about an apple, the symbol of ecstasy, fertility and abundance as well as love. It does seem sweet but too sweet or not sweet enough? Is love something you can consume, something that goes after one sweet bite? I won’t believe this.

Could a music instrument do, a harp perhaps? The notes finely struck to fill our ears with such sounds that make us feel elated? Is love something we can hear, process, and store away in our brain and recognise at a later time? Without my ears I hope I can still feel love.

How about the clichés surrounding the rose, forever associated with love, purity and romance. It does look beautiful and stirs our heart, but what happens when it wilts away, sad and dying. A symbol of love should not be affected by time.

Is love to be represented by a mythological being like Cupid or Eros? A being made by man to explain the existence of love. Is love so rare that it is portray as a myth? This cannot be true because it is love that I feel now.

There is only one thing that I can use as symbol of love, something everlasting, something loyal, something we can hear always, see always, something that has been and will be forever.

Water represents what I feel to be love. It is rough it is calm. It is hot it is cold. We feel it, see it, hear it and consume it. Without water we are nothing. Without love we are worthless, inhuman.

Amy you are my wave of water, you clean me, refresh me, surround me and keep me alive. I can see you, feel you, hear you, taste you and as long as we are forever this wave will be forever. Thank you for keeping me afloat my love.

The Rap of Dave

The Rap of Dave…

Yeah yeah

Turn the lights off

Yeah yeah

Whack the beats on


And let’s begin.

Well it started many years ago in Koo-Wee-Rup

I was a young one, a rough one just a wee pup

Hair of gold, eyes of ice (Kill For)

Mother dearest, she thought I was nice (Still Roll)

But they never saw the truth, the light what’s right?

I was born well ready to show up the world and fight.

So much to prove so much to show (Smoke This)

That I was a smooth talking, muse loving sock using pro. (Smash That)

Langy boy, langy boy, what chu gonna do,

What chu gonna do when dave comes for you.

Im gonna smash ya gash ya thrash ya pash ya

Then im going to appeal to your logical side and con-verse

Taught by the best, confessed that one day I will take their place.

Who else was there?

Doing the rounds, stop motion, man dates they kept me sane.

Micky Jessie, Ty and me on our way to fame.

The people they stare in awe and ponder

Who in the fuck is the blonde haired wonder

He makes his own rules and makes his own lunch

Some say no one has ever lived through his punch

Slow it down now!

Whats this all aboat? Whats on your ruff?

You wanna get high, you wanna get tough!

With Ty the romantic and Jacob the physical

We’re gonna leave your whack ass faces quizzical.

I wear nike on my back.

I hear rat a tat tat as my glock go clack

What the hell was that? They ask confused

How could they ever understand the reason behind this.

Now I apologise for my last verse because it was a fake

Im whitest brightest fool that evolution could make

I’ve never held a gun before unless it could squirt

The bullies call me wigger and rub my face in the dirt.

As I write this creative piece of rap, I think.

Why would people follow how low I sink.

No morals, standards, religion or hate.

Chasing all the girlies in hope of a date.

A problem has occurred with this stupid rap

Im finding it hard to consistently rhyme

Why am I stuck in a four line verse

How can I make it into a five line curse?

Could this sentence be any worse……?

I haven’t revealed a lot about myself

For example I keep twilight on my bookshelf

I see this could indicate to some that I

Should probably be burned and left to die

And then I must talk about this girl AJ

She has to be the most beautiful girl ever I say

The way she makes me feel inside

My feelings she knows I just can’t hide

There she was at the Melbourne show

At the start when I saw her I wondered how this will go

From right at the start of the day

This amazing girl lead my thoughts astray

Change of time, pace, run fast, long, hard, stop.

Then start it back up again, for what?

Change of time, pace, run fast, long, hard, stop.

Then start it back up again, for you!

Here we are at the end of this rap

Go ahead people try not to clap

All you guys tell me to behave

But nothing stops the rap of Dave

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Some Stop Motion

Here is some of the stop motion that my friends and i put together since year 10 media. This is the start of many more stop motion videos to come. Enjoy.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Boy Who Cried Jew

Ummm this is a little racist and rude.....just a forewarning. A friend of my brother needed an idea for a fairytale that promoted Hitler for some school project. This is what i came up with.

The Boy who cried Jew
There once was a shepherd boy in the town of Germania who was bored as he sat on the hillside watching the village sheep. He grew up with the tales of the filthy Jew that lived on the other side of the hill. He wondered if there really was a Jew on the other side of the hill, waiting to eat the town’s sheep and the occasional wondering child, or maybe it was just a myth.

To amuse himself he took a great breath and sang out, "Jew! Jew! The Jew is chasing the sheep!" The villagers came running up the hill to help the boy drive the Jew away. But when they arrived at the top of the hill, they found no Jew. The boy laughed at the sight of their angry faces. "Don't cry 'Jew', shepherd boy," said the villagers, "when there's no Jew!" They went grumbling back down the hill.

Later, the boy sang out again, "Jew! Jew! The Jew is chasing the sheep!" To his naughty delight, he watched the villagers run up the hill to help him drive the Jew away. When the villagers saw no Jew they sternly said, "Save your frightened song for when there is really something wrong! Don't cry 'Jew' when there is NO Jew!" But the boy just grinned and watched them go grumbling down the hill once more.

Later, he saw a REAL Jew prowling about his flock. Alarmed, he leaped to his feet and sang out as loudly as he could, "Jew! Jew!" But the villagers thought he was trying to fool them again, and so they didn't come.

At sunset, everyone wondered why the shepherd boy hadn't returned to the village with their sheep. They went up the hill to find the boy. They found him weeping. "There really was a Jew here! It came after me and performed sodomy and cut off my little finger and attached it to his necklace. The flock has scattered! I cried out, "Jew!" Why didn't you come?"

Hitler the village elder tried to comfort the boy as they walked back to the village. "We'll help you look for the lost sheep in the morning," he said, putting his arm around the youth, "Nobody believes a liar...even when he is telling the truth!"

Enjoy the few tweaks i added to a once innocent fairytale :D